The Department of Plastic Art (DPAR) was the first department established when the College of Fine Arts was founded in 1998–1999. Initially, this department was divided into three distinct branches (painting, sculpture, and ceramics). Currently, it has four majors: painting, sculpture, ceramics, and graphic design. Since the opening of higher education in our department in the academic year 2004-2005 until the present, 22 master’s degrees and seven doctorates have been obtained. Expert professors in lower and central Iraqi universities,

Our vision is to establish a department that nurtures capable and qualified professionals with expertise in both theoretical and practical aspects of plastic art, specifically Kurdish art, enabling students to advance and develop the field in a scholarly and scientific manner. Our department strives to select students based on their knowledge of the subject and first-stage experiential skills and interests. Moreover, our department endeavors to educate graduates who can take on leadership roles in various organizations, colleges, institutes, and parties involved in the advancement of Kurdish art.