Department of English

This Can Be Secondary Heading

The Department of English Language it has been consistently ranked as one of the highly-demanded university departments in Kurdistan Region ever since. It offers a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate courses in Linguistics and Literature that prepare students for careers in academia and other professional fields. Since its foundation, thousands of BA and hundreds of MA and PhD students have graduated from it.

The department attempts to raise students’ capacities in writing across the curriculum. It focuses on providing students with linguistic and literary backgrounds so they can seek opportunities to pursue further academic endeavors. The department offers students a community of research and learning with the academics to develop their skills for diverse purposes, such as writing and editing, teaching, and developing careers. The academic staff is required to augment class work with innovative approaches to research development, service learning, internships and experiential learning. It also seeks to foster knowledge and a love of literature and languages in students. Within a coherent curricular framework, well-structured, relevant courses, the department teaches a variety of literary, analytical, linguistic subjects and skills. It also helps students think deeply and reflect on what they have learned.