First Iraqi University

Our Mission

The mission of the First Iraqi University of Science and Technology is to contribute to the advancement of society in Science and technology and to prepare its graduates to assume a leading role in this endeavor.

First Iraqi University of Science and Technology strives to become a leading higher education institution in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq by contributing to the development of the Region through science and technology. As a private non-governmental institution, the university seeks to serve the community through the application of advanced Science and technology.

First Iraqi University will achieve its mission by fulfilling the following objectives:

  1. Create an environment to acquire and transfer knowledge and skills in science and technology;
  2. Create an environment which encourages critical thinking and friendly faculty-student interactions;
  3. Prepare students for a variety of careers in science and technology professions based on international standards and accreditation;
  4. Encourage cooperation between FIU, private industry, and government to improve the quality of student’s academic learning and to meet the needs of the public and private sectors;
  5. Provide professional consultation to the government and the private sector;
  6. Support technological development and its applications to improve the quality of life in the region and Iraq, and;
  7. Promote the culture of professional and ethical conduct throughout society.


Looking for a global and multidisciplinary university to apply to? Well look no further! Being one of the oldest education academies in the region of Kurdistan, FIU has been at the forefront of scientific research in multiple fields. Supervised by an expert staff, all our colleges and scholarly centers work to mold a sound and helpful environment for you to fulfill your potential


The FUI, founded in 2008, is one of the largest public universities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  
It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs and awards Bachelor’s degrees, Higher Diploma degrees, Master’s degrees, and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees. 
The FUI issues multiple academic  journals.


The university has been recognized by both the Kurdish Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The university campus consists of a newly built, modern, fully equipped, and spacious complex of buildings that house its academic departments, administrative offices, and student service facilities.


The university is home to the following academic centres:

  1. Language and Culture Centre
  2. Gender Equality Centre
  3. Kurdology Centre
  4. Kurdistan Centre for Documentation and Academic Research
  5. Centre for Pedagogical Training and Academic Development
  6. Cisco Centre

2022 - 2023

First Iraqi University


Our vision is to foster a culture of lifelong learning and innovation and an environment where our students, faculty, and staff are inspired to think critically, challenge the status quo, and pursue their passions. We at the FIU aim to be at the forefront of advancing knowledge and solving real-world problems through cutting-edge research, transformative education, and meaningful community engagement. Ultimately, we aspire to empower our graduates to become leaders who can shape the future and make the world a better place for all.


In the FIU i is committed to providing a transformative education that empowers everyone to use their full potential and make a positive impact on the local community and possibly the world. We strive to create a dynamic and inclusive learning community where students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds can engage in rigorous intellectual inquiry, personal growth, and professional development. Our mission is to work for lifelong learning and a passion for discovery through innovative teaching,

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