Medical Laboratories Science

Your success matters to us, and we would like to notify you that we are very grateful for having you as you can contribute a lot to our department’s success and improvement. The department cannot fully achieve its ambition for excellence without your contribution. We will always stand by your side to help, guide and direct you to your ultimate educational and career goals.

Medical research takes a long time, it is difficult and necessitates dedication. We encourage you to access all our services and ask any of our professional staff to assist you with your educational endeavors. We congratulate you for choosing such a wonderful educational institution. We extend our best wishes for the studies and expect the best of results from you.

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Medical Laboratory Science (MLS). If you are looking for a vital department dealing with laboratory analyses using up-to-date knowledge and technology, you are in the right place. The MLS department in the College of  FIU  provides a modern education combined with innovative knowledge, technical skills, and work ethics necessary for a proficient performance of clinical laboratory procedures. The language of education is English and the Syllabus is planned with an integrative approach.

We are committed to affording an advanced medical education and preparing highly competent medical laboratory scientists by offering a BSc degree upon completion of four years interactive program of MLS. This program deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and control of disease through understanding, application, and performance of a variety of clinical laboratory analyses and research. Through this educational program, learners will be able to keep themselves updated and improve their problem-solving skills