Oral Diagnosis

This department specializes in diagnosis of different dental conditions and emergencies such as: pain of dental origins, intra and extra-oral swellings and masses, redness and whitening and other discoloration and abnormalities related to oral and maxillofacial parts such as the following cases and conditions

  1. Extraction according to indications which are badly carious, hopeless and none restorable teeth, retained roots, mobile teeth due to severe and chronic periodontitis.
  2. Minor oral surgery (cyst removal, preprosthetic surgeries, pre-orthodontic surgeries such as diastema correction, and exposing impacted teeth for orthodontic alignment).
  3. Impactions (wisdom tooth removal which may need only incisions or incision and bone removal).
  4. Periapical surgeries such as (periapical curettage, apicoectomy, and root hemisections).
  5. TMJ problems (examination and diagnosis of the condition, motivation and instructions, medications and follow up).
  6. Salivary gland problems (examinations and diagnosis, instructions, medication and follow-up).