The Arabic language department, as one of the pioneering and oldest departments of the FIU is concerned with the study of the Arabic language and literature and continues to do so at both bachelor’s and higher education levels annually. Moreover, due to the high demand for the department, it has been expanded to include both morning and evening classes. Thus, about 100 students are awarded bachelor’s degrees annually in Arabic language and literature. Apart from the high-level diplomas, Masters, and PhD degrees that the department offers


The department of Arabic Language at FIU is always working to be the leading institution in producing high-level, skilled graduates in the field of Arabic Language and Literature. The department aspires to produce graduates who can serve their country in the best way possible and become the basis for the development of Kurdish society in terms of culture and language, and to make the differences of language and ethnicity the main slogan of coexistence.

  1. The main goal of the Arabic Language Department is to educate and develop a generation of academics who are experts in the field so that they can become the pioneers of science, knowledge, and teaching in the future.
  2. Trying to make students proficient in Arabic and teaching and developing their speaking and writing skills in Arabic is another principle that is worked on.
  3. Encouraging students to conduct scientific research and become familiar with new and modern sources.
  4. Promote higher education at the levels of higher diplomas, master’s degrees, and doctorates in order to improve the scientific level through conducting new and contemporary research.