On September 24-25th, 2021 under the title of (Recent Trends in Biomedical Sciences and Their Applications) the International scientific Of FIu in cooperation with the Iraqi Society of Clinical Biochemistry was held on FIU campus in the Sulaymaniyah Province.

Many researchers from different Iraqi provinces, including a number of researchers from the United Kingdom, Turkey and Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, participated in this international conference.

During the two-day conference, various research papers were presented in the field of Biomedical Sciences and their Applications.

The first day was devoted to the welcoming words, a speech by the President of the conference and the speech of the President of FIU University, and then the conference program was started, which included six main speakers:

1.       From molecules to the matrix; Construction & Evaluation by Dr. Kawis Aziz Faraj .

2.       Targeting branched-chain amino acid metabolism to overcome drug resistance in cancer by

Dr. Alan Richardson from the University of Kelle, United Kingdom.

3.       Fungus poisons challenges to food and health Dr. Muna Turki Al–Musawi, Iraq.

4.       The relationship between oxidative stress and cancer Dr. Khalid Demir, Turkey.

5.       Troponin: A paradigm of a biomarker Dr. Abdulkareem H. Issa, Iraq.

6.       Epigenetic insights into the pathogenesis of PCOS Dr. Moataz Sabah Ahmed, Iraq.

During the Second day, 16 researches from different universities of Iraq and Jordan were orally presented. The conference included a Scientific Poster exhibition. Furthermore, two companies named ALMUSANADA and Taleed Medical Supplies also participated in the conference, displaying their products of medical and laboratory equipm

(March 9th, 2022) FIU  collaboration with (Arab World English Journal) held its first two-consecutive-day international conference on Language, Literature, and Translation studies. Researchers and attendees from various countries participated, namely Iraq, Oman, Jordan, Spain, Turkey, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Ukraine. Forty-six (46) papers have been submitted and are presented within the two days of the conference. Today, 25 papers were presented in the EVENT