The Department of Law consists of about 60 teachers, most of them having doctoral degrees, professors and assistant professors. Currently, the Department of Law has about 700 students in the morning and evening classes.

– Developing the abilities of talented students and their learning skills in diverse legal fields, enabling them to ultimately become proficient legal professionals. Moreover, focusing on training students in the latest theories and contemporary perspectives will ensure that they can serve as lawyers and actively participate in the political sphere and administrations, which are essential for establishing a just and lawful society.

– Focusing on investing in the intellectual and personal talents of the learners in the future, law can successfully play its role in finding legal solutions to problems and social phenomena.

– Training and encouraging students in the field of scientific research in all legal fields as a modern need to identify problems and challenges, then providing intellectual training for them and providing appropriate recommendations and treatments.

– Coordination with the courts and other legal departments of the local and international universities for the exchange of legal information and the renewal of curricula by using comparative experience.

– Participating with the official legal institutions in spreading legal awareness for protecting human rights by establishing the rule of law and justice in the society.

– Serving the community by spreading legal awareness through seminars, panels, conferences, and workshops with the effective participation of civil society aspects.